The Winning Combination of  Home Loan Interest Rates in Chaparral, NM



It is beyond a reasonable doubt that Prodigy has spread its services across the United States and this solid fact has been proved by the fact that mortgage professionals exist everywhere. Prodigy is a company that is committed to ensuring that there are proper and solid relationships with its clients throughout the whole year. Once you have joined you need not worry about your information since it is secured and protected from the third party. Our name is on top of the chart were offer different loan programs to those who are interested in buying homes and even consolidating debts. The programs are discussed below. 


  • Citizens of the USA should opt for this loan due to following reasons;
  • Current home loan rates in El Paso are available and they are low
  • This loan is financed by the government clients need not worry
  • A down payment is not charged therefore borrowers have light luggage to curry
  • The borrower pays less on mortgage insurance


  • This is another sweat option because of the following reasons;
  • All financing come from government
  • Clients are not required to pay any mortgage insurance fee
  • When it comes to closing cost charges are usually lower
  • Little effort is required for you to qualify


  • This type of loan is good to anyone who wants affordable home loan interest rates in El Paso and it stands out due to:
  • Qualification requirement are much easier to meet
  • Eye-catching interest rates
  • It lends out Rehab loans.


  • If you want 30 years fixed mortgage rate in El Paso then this is your program reasons are as follow;
  • Down payment has been cut down by 3%
  • PMI has been chopped off and it is affordable
  • It contains adjustable terms ranging from 10 to 30 years
  • The lender’s fee is uplifted.

As we said earlier everlasting relationship with the client is our major goal ensures clients get continuous and better service annually. We can be trusted since we keep your information in the right place this fact is only found in our company.

Our mortgage professional is available to attend to you just call us and you will be sorted. Prodigy Lending provide service that went ahead and claim awards for a period of 17 years just join us and be part of this amazing successful company considered as workplaces in US five stars. Just to remind you we have won an award for being the top workplace for 8 consecutive times. We are humbled even after receiving these awards and that is the reason we are still rooted in our routine .we offer the best rates on the planet in addition to that they are most current.

In the private sector of mortgage lending, we top the list in the USA. Our option will always suit your need and if you need current home loan rates in El Paso then you are free to join us.

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