Prodigy Home Loan Interest Rates in Santa Teresa, NM



Prodigy Lending is a progressive modern-day lender with a vast network of mortgage professionals across the United States of America. We provide tailor-made mortgage solutions backed by a five-star service for our diverse clientele. Our competitive rates coupled with extensive industry experience ensure we walk the journey side by side with our clients, every step of the way, on their quest of becoming homeowners. 

At Prodigy Lending, there is something for everyone. From first time home buyers to those refinancing existing loans, our dedicated loan officers are always available and ready to help you find the ideal loan program at the best mortgage rates. 

We have good news for those looking to buy a home in El Paso. Ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States, we now have mortgage products to suit the needs of those wishing to call El Paso their home. Here is why you should consider our El Paso Mortgage plans:

El Paso 15 year Mortgage Plan

The 15-year plan is ideal for individuals, couples or families who have a stable income, sufficient to afford higher monthly payments, compared to longer-term loans. In the long run, one ends up making savings of up to 50% on interest, depending on the home price, if you go for the shorter-term loan. So, if you have secure employment, and your projected income is comfortable for you to afford the monthly mortgage payments, the 15-year plan is for you.

El Paso 30 year Mortgage Plan

If you are looking for a fixed interest rate during the term of your mortgage, then the 30-year plan is ideal for you. You also stand to benefit from a relatively lower monthly repayment in comparison to the 15-year mortgage. You should, however, be willing to pay a higher interest rate, as you will be servicing your mortgage for a longer-term.

The key features of our El Paso Mortgage Plans include:

  1. 100% financing
  2. Minimal Down payment required (as low as 3%)
  3. Competitive interest rates
  4. Low-cost mortgage insurance
  5. Reduced Lender fees

It is important to note that applicable interest rates are subject to the applicant’s verified credit score and the amount of down payment made. The higher the credit score and down payment, the lower the interest rate you qualify for. Talk to us, to find out more about how to get started, and also for any questions you may have. We are ready to attend to any of your queries to ensure you make an informed decision. At Prodigy Lending, we believe that homeownership is a worthwhile and rewarding journey, and we are here to be part of your story.

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