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About us

Prodigy Lending offers professional mortgage services in all parts of the US. Homebuyers get to enjoy high standard services from our dedicated mortgage experts. Prodigy products come with various benefits which include low-interest rates and a chance for customers to select from several mortgage options. We offer professional advice to all our clients to ensure that they make a choice that best suits their needs and budget. This is regardless of whether they are buying a new home, consolidating debt or refinancing the existing mortgage. All our clients get to enjoy a mortgage with a low-interest rate that is prevailing in the market.


Conventional mortgage 

Conventional mortgage targets clients that can raise a significant amount of down payment and have excellent scores. However, with our products, you can enjoy this product with only a 3% down payment with the current mortgage interest rates in El Paso. Compared to FHA mortgages the PMI on this particular product is reduced. The home buyer gets to choose a loan term, which can be a 10 to 30 year fixed mortgage rate in El Paso. With no lender fee, the mortgage cost is significantly reduced and is coupled with low rates especially for those with good credit ratings. 

FHA mortgages

It is quite easy to qualify for an FHA mortgage since the credit score required is low, and the debt to income ratio is high. Our customers are only required to make a 3.5% upfront payment and benefit from attractive mortgage rates. Those interested in renovating their homes can also apply for rehab mortgages under this program. 

VA mortgages

Homebuyers can quickly get the VA loans as it does not require any down payment. With Prodigy VA loans you get 100% financing with lower closing cost. The borrowers do not have to acquire mortgage insurance, and these reduce the general cost. It is government-backed and is meant for veterans and their qualifying spouse.

USDA mortgages

The USDA mortgage gives 100% financing to those who meet home location and income requirements. This means that the customer is not required to make any upfront payment. The mortgage insurance is low with attractive interest rates. 


It is our goal to offer high standard services to our esteem clients as we build unbreakable bonds with them. We uphold the privacy of information, and we ensure that all data is kept safe. This differentiates us from the other large lending companies and has earned us trust from our clients. 

Those who wish to buy homes should take advantage of our products with the current home interest rates in El Paso. We have the most experienced mortgage experts, and we have been in the lending sector for over 17 years. The dedication of our employees is unquestionable, and this is due to the commitment to ensure their work environment is perfect. We have been the Top Work Place for the last eight years. 

We are the best private lending company in the US with the most competitive rate in the market. Obtain a free obligation quote by filling in online form today.

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