Outstanding Lender of Loan Program in Berino, NM


Prodigy Lending is an amazing company with favorable terms and conditions due to this it have professionals scattered all over the United States of America. This company provided the best service compared to others and that is one of the factors that make it stand strong until this moment, in addition, it also gives the lowest rates. Prodigy Lending has multiple loan program thus giving their clients a variety to choose from. We are going to discuss these programs in detail.

The first one is conventional home loans.

  • This type of loan has several advantages to the user they include:
  • A down payment is 3% down compared to other loans
  • Slushed PMI as compared to FHA loan
  • It is only in a conational loan where you can find favorable terms that come along with extremely lowered interest rate.
  • Clients are exempted from lender fees.

The second one is the FHA loans.

  • This type of loan has benefited people of El Paso in the following ways;
  • Interest rates on homes loans in El Paso have been polished and they are attractive
  • Their down payment has been lowered by 3.5%
  • No barriers ahead thus American citizen in El Paso can qualify
  • It is the only lender of Rehab loanĀ 

The third type is the VA loan.

  • Its merits include;
  • Mortgage insurance is eliminated
  • Extremely lower closing cost
  • The borrower can qualify without sweating
  • Those who want government loans use it mostly since it has the best home loan rates in El Paso.

The fourth type is USDA home loan

  • It has current home loan interest in El Paso and exempt borrower down payment fee
  • Mortgage insurance cost has been lowered.

We as Prodigy Lending are working around the clock to ensure that our client is satisfied with our services this has been pivoted by our goal whose aim is establishing a lasting relationship with all borrowers. Their information is secure with us since privacy is our priority.

The doors of Prodigy are open to anybody we are just a call away on top of that we are award-winning company this has happened 8 years in a raw. It proved that we are a center of excellence. There is no other place to find attractive interest rates in El Paso accept in Prodigy our name is we rooted in the United States as an outstanding mortgage lender. Our loan program never disappoints options are plenty for clients to choose. Therefore for those who want to own homes for the first time need to understand that our mortgage rates are determined by the current market condition, this is due to the frequent fluctuation of market condition. We are inviting you to join us today and be approved today and have experience with one of the top-rated lending companies. COME ONE COME ALL and we share this cake of success.

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