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Do you want a home in El Paso?

Just as people are unique, they have different reasons as to why they need a home and as well as different abilities to own one. The Prodigy Lending team is just here for you to offer you a service beyond ordinary service. We don’t rush you to make a decision to get a home loan for our benefit but our team of highly trained professionals guides you through to help you make an informed decision. We;

  • Educate
  • Counsel
  • Lend you a home

Take a look;

For those who prefer a private lender over a government lender

Conventional mortgages are guaranteed by private lenders (banks, credit unions) to meet your desire. They come with a reduced down payment of up to 3% down in most of the companies, flexible terms of 30, 15- or year mortgages and low-interest rates with no lender fees.

Veteran looking for a home in El Paso?

We are always available on time to make your dream come true. We provide loans for veterans and are accredited by the Veteran’s Administration to do the same there are no credit score requirements for a VA loan, the loan is guaranteed by the government, there is no mortgage insurance and also the closing costs are lower.

For low-to-moderate income borrowers and are afraid of down payment

We are the expert mortgage lenders in El Paso to give you the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan that best suits you. Having a fair or bad credit, wanting a small down payment of up to 3.5% down or having been through closure or even bankruptcy, they give FHA loans for you with attractive interest rates. 

For those who long for a home surrounded by pasture or attractive trees

There is a proficient answer for you. If you wish to embrace such an environment to surround your house and embrace a more rural experience, the prodigy team in El Paso provides USDA loans for you. They come with a variety of attractive features suitable for your needs Absolutely NO down payment, guaranteed by the government, low-interest rates, low mortgage insurance and they are very fit for low and very-low-income applicants. 

For those wishing to Shortage their mortgage term

We give home loans in El Paso to allow our customers to shorten their mortgage term via Mortgage Refinance loan options. 

This just explains a few features for different home loans and can inspire you to think of having a home loan in El Paso. 

Award-winning services

We have been the award lenders for Seventeen years now and we are yet sure to seize the coming awards. Our Secret lies in addressing the needs of our customers with the utmost respect to their dignity. To you residing in El Paso, we are the best mortgage lenders ordained to serve you! 

To meet your need is our obligation, fulfilling your dream is our pride and joy!

Customers can also contact us directly, and our mortgage experts will attend to then